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  1. 01. About

    Koronya Handmade Shoes and Boots is a small family owned shoemaking workshop in Savannah, Georgia in the United States of America, offering bespoke and made-to-measure shoes. At Koronya we are proud of our traditions, and passionate about the craft. This, combined with expertise, results in excellent shoes and boots, made entirely by hand. 
Koronya is unique in its craftsmanship. We believe, the subtle details only visible to the initiated eye are eloquent proof of our skills.

  2. 02. The Koronya Craftsmanship

    Every maker approach the shoemaking craft differently - just like us. Maybe first of all, the tradition, the master came and learnt from determines the way they produce products. Traditionally our craftsmanship is coming form the German school, like almost all Hungarian makers were educated, and trained, but we try to add a little more. Like in the old times, when masters went a long journey to collect fresh, new knowledge to implement to their work - we do the same. Our shoes represents a pretty wide range of technics - beside the traditional German ways, we also use western techniques, and combine these. Koronya is one of the well respected workshop, because of its variation.

    Handmade or factory-made?

    Handmade and factory made shoes - do not even compare them. Factories aim to save money, and every cents count, as they make huge scale production. This way it is really tempting to use cheaper stuff - even if not all of them make that decision. We, traditional hand-working shoemakers have really small scale production, so we don't have to keep million dollars in stock - we don't have the pressure to save pennies. On the other hand - who would choose a cheap material, if we will put a week work in it?

  3. 03. Contacts

    phone: 912.228.1695


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