Koronya Handmade Shoes and Boots is a small family owned shoemaking workshop in Budapest, Hungary, recently represented in the United States of America, offering bespoke and made-to-measure shoes. At Koronya we are proud of our traditions, and passionate about the craft.
This, combined with expertise, results in excellent shoes and boots, made entirely by hand. 
Koronya is unique in its craftsmanship. We believe, the subtle details only visible to the initiated eye are eloquent proof of our skills.

Marcell Mrsán, master shoemaker
Born into a family with a long history in leathercraft, it was decided at a very young age, that Marcell should carry on this long heritage. After finishing trade school for shoemaking, he spent his apprentice years at various workshops. Now, as the owner and head shoemaker of Koronya Handmade Shoes, he makes sure that every pair of shoes finished in his workshop are up to the highest standards. Quality that would even make his grandfather proud.